How to fix mic not working on PS5?

The PlayStation 5, unveiled by Sony Interactive Entertainment on November 12, 2020, was a major upgrade in terms of functionality and style. Without a doubt, it represents a significant change in Sony’s PlayStation franchise.

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Even though Sony has done quite a job on the PS5, users have been reporting several issues that are yet to be resolved. One of the most commonly reported issues among players is “Mic not working on PS5”. Today, we’re going to help you fix this issue until Sony permanently fixes it by providing future updates. So, keep reading.

How to fix mic not working on PS5?

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to get your mic working again:

Step 1: Completely shut down your PS5.

Step 2: Unplug all cords from the back of the console (power, HDMI, Ethernet, etc.).

Step 3: Wait for about one minute, reconnect all the cables, and turn the PS5 on.

Step 4: Turn on your headset and let it connect to the console. Make sure that the headset volume slider is set to full.

Step 5: Press the “PS Button” and navigate to the “sound” and “mic” options in the flip bar to confirm that none of them are set to mute. Now, under “Sound,” make sure that “output device” is selected as your headset with the volume on full. Also, the option below reading “Mute game voice chat” should NOT be turned on; otherwise, you aren’t going to hear any in-game chat audio.

Step 6: Under the quick menu, select “Mic” and make sure that the mic output is set to your headset with the volume on full.

Step 7: The next thing you’ve got to do is to head over to “Settings” and scroll down to “Sound.” Under the microphone section, you’ll see an option reading “Microphone status when starting voice chat or broadcast.” Make sure it’s selected as “Don’t change.” Just above that, the “Microphone Status When Logged In” option should also be turned to “ON.”

Step 8: Now, turn down to “Audio Output” and make sure that the device is selected as your headset. Turn “on” the option reading “Switch audio devices automatically.” Then, scroll down to the bottom and change the “Output to headphones” option to “All audio.

And that’s all. You have to follow these steps in exactly the right order to make sure that your mic works just fine. If your microphone is still not working, there could be a problem with your headset or a compatibility issue. For such issues, we recommend you contact Playstation Support.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

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