Can’t buy games from PlayStation Store on PS5: Here’s how you can fix it!

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 5, released on November 12, 2020, brought huge improvements in terms of performance and style. This is really a big step forward in Sony’s gaming console line.

PlayStation 5

Since the PS5 came out, we’ve never been blown away by its modern design and powerful performance. The PS5 can make games run smoother, load faster, and further enhance the overall gaming experience with a new controller featuring adaptive triggers and more subtle vibration feedback. Still, the PS5 is known to have some glitches and bugs that Sony has yet to fix. One of the issues that PS5 is known to have is the “inability to buy games or content from the PlayStation Store on PS5”. Today, we’ll be looking at this issue and how to solve it.
Can’t buy games from the PlayStation Store on PS5? Here’s how you can fix it!
The exact cause of this problem is still unknown, but there are a few solutions below that have helped many get rid of this problem and might prove useful to you also. So, keep reading.
Solution 1: From the “home screen,”  click on the “Settings” icon on your to right. Scroll down and select “Users and Accounts“. Then click on “Other” and finally click on “Restore Licenses“. Confirm the prompt, and then check if your issue is resolved now.
Solution 2: From the “home screen,”  click on the “Settings” icon on your to right. Scroll down to select “Account” and then click on “Payment and subscriptions.” Lastly, click on “Add Funds” and add the amount that you want to spend on the PlayStation Store. There might be an issue with your credit or debit card, and this solution will resolve that for you.
Solution 3: Make sure that the country or region of your PlayStation 5 matches that of your payment method. To verify your payment method, you just need to head over to “Playstation Store“, select “Payment methods“, and fill out your card information to verify it. 
Solution 4: As a last resort, you might want to consider purchasing the game on your mobile phone via the PlayStation. The content will be directly synced to your console. Also, you can head over to “” on PC, sign in with your account credentials, and then purchase the content on your PC.
This marks the end of solutions that our team has tested and verified to work for many people. If we do have any more solutions available in the future for this issue, we’ll be sure to update here.
Thanks for reading. Stay tuned!

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