How to charge PS5 controller in Rest mode?

The PS5 Standard and Digital Edition, released in November 2020, represents a significant advancement in the next console generation. All gamers were drawn to Sony’s cutting-edge user interface and robust hardware.


The PS5 is an attractive gaming console that provides an engaging playing experience. The PS5 clearly stands out in the market thanks to its updated dualsense controller, 3D audio, faster framerates, and super-fast SSD. Sony’s exclusive games, as well as a large number of third-party games, are available on this next-generation device. The new Dualsense controller has proved to be a game changer owing to its modern look and improved ergonomics. And today, we’ll be clearing up a doubt for many PS5 users based on this new controller itself, i.e., “How to charge the PS5 controller in Rest mode?” So, keep reading till the end.

How to charge the PS5 controller in Rest Mode?

PS5 Rest Mode


The console enters a low-power state when you switch it to Rest Mode, allowing you to resume gaming at any moment without having to restart it. In other words, the console is put to sleep without being turned off, allowing it to begin playing as soon as you are ready. Even when the PS5 is in rest mode, it can still charge the controller. And to do this, just follow these below steps:

  1. From the “Home Screen“, click on the “Settings” icon on your top right.
  2. Scroll down and select “System.”
  3. Now click on the “Power Saving” option and select “Features available in Rest Mode“.
  4. You’ll see an option that says “Supply power to USB ports.” Click on it and it will show you 3 choices to choose from, named “Off“, “3 hours” and “Always“. If you select “3 hours“, power will be available to the USB ports for 3 hours after being put into rest mode so that you can charge your controller. If you select “Always“, then power will be available to USB ports at all times while in rest mode, so you can charge your PS5 controller at anytime after activating the rest mode.

That’s it, folks! We hope that we were able to clear up your doubt regarding charging the controller in rest mode. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

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