How to fix Auto Sync not working issue on PS5?

PlayStation 5: The new generation of gaming is finally here and we are truly impressed with this console, featuring modern looks and powerful performance. In just 2 years since the release of the console, Sony has already sold 20 million+ units, achieving record-breaking earnings!


Even though Sony has done quite a job on their new console, the PlayStation 5, it still has a few flaws and stability issues. Although Sony has promised that all bugs and glitches will be fixed over time with updates, the players are in need of some help to keep going until then. One of the few issues that irritates users is “Auto-sync not working in PS5“, which prevents game files from being synced. You may have also noticed that this issue can occur even when the auto sync option is turned on. Well, if you’re facing this issue, then you’re at the right place because our team has worked out a possible solution that can help you fix this issue. So, keep reading till the end.
How to fix the Auto Sync not working issue?
Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to fix the auto sync not working problem:
Step 1- From your “Home Screen“, click on the “Settings” icon on your top-right.
Step 2- Scroll down and select “Save data and game/app settings.
Step 3- Click on “Saved Data (PS5)” and select “Sync Saved Data“.
Step 4- Click on “Auto sync saved data” and you’ll find an option to “Enable auto sync.” If that is disabled, enable it. If it’s enabled, disable it and then enable it back.
Step 5- Checkmark all the specific games again for which you want to enable the auto sync.
This simple fix should be able to help you get rid of the problem. We will be sure to update any more solutions if any become available for this particular issue. Till then, thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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