How to fix PS5 controller update not working issue?

The PlayStation 5 is a bold step into the next gaming era thanks to Sony’s improvements in hardware, aesthetics, gameplay, and user interface.

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The Sony PlayStation 5 is an excellent gaming console, but since its arrival in 2020, finding one at a reasonable price has grown to be very difficult. The gaming system itself is a huge improvement over Sony’s PS4 and PS4 Pro lines. Additionally, the PS5 offers brand-new features that haven’t been found in any previous consoles in the PlayStation Franchise. However, despite being such a sophisticated machine, it is still known to have some problems. Today, we’re going to discuss the fixes available for one such problem in the PS5, i.e. “PS5 controller update not working”. So let’s dive in and see what can be done to fix this problem.
How to fix the PS5 controller update not working issue?
The PS5 dualsense controller receives time-to-time updates which can enhance its performance and battery life. However, in some cases, you may be unable to update it, in which case we recommend that you try the following solutions:
Solution 1: Double-check the connection.

As you might already know, to update the PS5 controller, it is important that the controller be connected to the console via an ISB C cable. So you should first make sure if you are using the right type of cable, if it’s connected properly and if it’s defective.
Solution 2: Reconnecting the controller

If the “Update Now” option is not working for you, then you can just try a simple trick. Just plug out the controller, wait for a few seconds, and then plug it back in. Many users have reported that just doing this enables the “Update Now” button for them.
Solution 3: Restart the console.

This could be just a temporary glitch with PS5 and may be fixed by just restarting the console. So make sure to turn off the PS5, unplug all the cables, wait for about a minute, plug all the cables back in and then try again after starting up the console.
Solution 4: Reset the controller.

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First, head over to “settings“, scroll down to “accessories“, select “General” and then click on “Bluetooth accessories“. Select your controller and then click on “Delete“. This will delete your controller profile from the console. Next, grab a small pin and insert it into a tiny hole on the back of your console and hold it for 5 seconds and then press the “PS button“. Your controller will be reset, just restart the console and then try again.
If none of these solutions appear to be working for you, your only remaining option is to contact PlayStation Support.
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