Way of the Hunter Mod Support: Is it available?

Way of the Hunter is a rich and immersive hunting simulator that features stunning environmental graphics and thrilling adventures. The game recently made its way to the PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Watch the trailer below to get a quick glance at the game.

The Way of the Hunter strives to provide an ultra-realistic experience to its players. From its complex ecosystem to its highly detailed wildlife species, it really is a captivating game. You get to face the challenges of ethical hunting either in the gripping story mode or in the online co-op multiplayer mode. What’s even more exciting is that the game contains a broad selection of licenced firearms (Bushnell, Federal, SteyrArms, and more), which provides a more authentic experience for the players while they hunt for their prey. Complete the story revolving around a family hunting business or just invite your friends to a perfect co-op hunting adventure—the choice is yours!


But even after being an open world game with such great potential, it leaves our gaming community wondering, “Does the game support mods?” Well, now we’re going to dive right into this topic and provide you with all the info about mods for Way of the Hunter.

As far as mods are concerned, the developer, Nine Rock Games, has made it clear that they will not be offering any support for mod creation through official tools. However, that doesn’t stop our modding community from coming up with their own tools to design mods and make this game even better (or worse). And though we can’t find any released mods for this game yet, we can expect a stream of mods from unofficial channels and popular modding websites such as NexusMods in the near future. Because as you know, mods, if programmed in the right manner, can bring about significant changes in the game’s performance.
However, we would like to warn you that even though the game has been released, it still has stability issues and the devs are looking into it. So, adding any kind of mod can also lead to a ban.

Thus, players should currently focus on the original game and enjoy it. We’ll keep you updated on all the news regarding mods for the Way of the Hunter game. Thanks for reading. Stay Tuned.

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