Way of the Hunter Fatal Error troubling many players: Is there any fix yet?

Way of the hunter – A new online co-op multiplayer game released on August 16, 2022 for PC, PS5, and Xbox X/S platforms. The game provides an authentic hunting experience in an open world. Players can experience natural environments, wildlife along with the thrill of handling realistic situations. But ever since the game has been released, there have been many complaints on the gaming community platforms regarding “Fatal Error” causing the game to shut down. Many players are encountering this issue and that’s why today, we’re going to clear this issue and try to provide you some relevant solutions that can help you get rid of the issue.

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First of all, let’s understand what is the “Fatal Error” issue. A fatal error is a type of error that forces a particular program (In this case, Way of hunter game) to shut down unexpectedly. This error can be caused by faulty hardware, corrupt windows files, or invalid code in a program. Now, the crashing of game can have many reasons. It could be related to PC compatibility, outdated game version, corrupted game files or even your antivirus program. We’ll cover below all the possible solutions of which any of them can work for you so make sure to read till the end.

1. Meet the System Requirements – The first step is to cross check that whether your PC is compatible with the game or not. A low end PC build can cause the game to crash and you may need to upgrade your PC to get rid of the issue.

2. Run the game as an administrator – We will recommend to run the game executable file as an administrator which allows all the needed access to it properly. To do this, right click on Way of the hunter shortcut, select properties, click on compatibility tab, click on “run the program as administrator” and then click on apply.

3. Update graphics drivers – Make sure that you have updated your graphics drivers to the latest version to engage properly with graphic intensive programs. To do this, open the start menu and type device manager to open the device manager menu. Then click on display drivers, right click on the dedicated graphic card name and select update driver. Choose “automatically search for drivers” let the system check if an update is available.

4. Updating Windows – An outdated version of Windows can also be the cause of game crashing frequently. Make sure that no updates are pending and if they are, then download and install them.

5. Verifying game files – Missing or corrupted game files can be an issue causing the game to crash. Luckily, game platforms have an inbuilt feature to check and inform you if there’s something unusual. For steam, launch the steam client and click on library. Right click on way of the hunter from list of installed games, then click on properties, and go to local files. Click on “Verify integrity of game files” and wait till the process is completed. For Epic games launcher, open the Epic Games launcher and click on library. Then click on three dots icon near Way of The Hunter and finally click on “verify”. Wait for the process to complete.

6. Adjusting Steam Overlay – A possible workaround to fix the issue is to turn off the Steam Overlay option. To do this, head over the steam client on your PC and click on library. Then right click on way of hunter and select properties. From there, click on general and turn off the “enable steam overlay while in game”option.

7. Delete temporary files – Manually deleting the temporary files can also help to get rid of this issue. To do this, Press windows+R on your keyboard to open the run dialogue. Type %Temp% and enter to open the temporary files folder. Delete all the files in this folder, restart your PC and try to start the game again.

8. Disable Windows Firewall – Click on Start Menu, and type firewall to open “Windows Defender Firewall”. Then click on Turn off the Windows Defender from the left pane. Confirm the setting and restart your computer.

9. Set high performance in power options – Balanced or low power mode can hamper the performance of your PC and hence, become a reason for your game to not function properly. To do this, open the “Control Panel” and click on “Hardware and Sound”. From here, select power options and click on “High performance” to select and enable it.

10. Update Way of The Hunter game – Outdated game patches can also stop the game from working the right way. Make sure that your game is updated to latest version, restart your PC and see if the issue is gone now.

These are certainly the best ways which can help you get rid of the “Fatal Error” problem. We’ll update here if any more fixes are available. Thanks for reading, Stay Tuned!

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