Way of the Hunter Character Stuck Issue: How to fix it?

Way of the Hunter is a new simulation game designed for hunting enthusiasts. This immersive game made its way to the PC, PS5, and Xbox One S/X on August 16, 2022. You can check out its trailer below if you haven’t yet!

Way of the Hunter is a beautiful hunting simulation game that gives you a journey into the wilderness. You can simply explore the flora and fauna of the open world, follow the game’s campaign story, or get together with your friends in co-op multiplayer. The game provides a rich environment and precise shooting mechanics, which are two of the most important parts of a hunting simulation. Yet, some players are reporting an issue that “their character is getting stuck in the world,” which means that they cannot move their character. Here are some possible solutions that you can try to get rid of this annoying issue. 

1. Examine the System Requirements: The first step is to cross-check your system specifications with those of the game. If your PC lacks the minimum requirements of the game, you may experience character sticking issues or even a fatal error. The only possible solution here is to upgrade your PC. 

2. Relaunch the game: If you’re facing an issue for the first time, it may be a bug. Just close the game and open it again after a few minutes. Play for a while and see if the issue comes up again. If your character gets stuck again, keep reading till the end. 

3. Disconnect the external controller: Sometimes the external controller interferes with the game, causing the character to become stuck in one place and none of the buttons to work to move the character again. The solution to this issue is to either unplug your external controller or click on “Start” and then open “Device Manager.” Here, you’ll find an option named “Human interface devices.” You simply have to select your external controller and click on Disable. Then open the game again and check if the issue is gone. 

4. Disable overlays: In a rare scenario, Steam overlays can interfere with the game, causing it to crash or causing this character sticking issue. To disable Steam Overlay, open “Steam“, go to “Settings,” click on “In-Game,” and then uncheck the “Enable the Steam overlay while in-game” option. 

These are the only possible solutions that our team has found to be working at the moment. If we do come across any other working fixes for the character stuck issue, we’ll surely update you. 

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned!

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