Trombone Champ Black Screen issue troubling players: Is there any fix yet?

Developed by Holy Wow, Trombone Champ is the world’s first trombone-based rhythm video game, released on September 15, 2022, for PC. Check out the trailer below if you haven’t already!


Numerous users have been complaining about the “Black Screen” issue ever since the game was published. Even though it’s a highly thrilling game, this issue seems to be bothering a lot of people, so today we’re going to look at it for you and offer ways to help you go back to gaming.

How to fix the “Black Screen” issue in Trombone Champ?

Recommended Fix: Head over to this Google Drive link and download the “.dat” file to your system. After you’ve downloaded the file, go to “C:/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE/AppData/LocalLow/Holy Wow/Trombone Champ” and paste the above-downloaded “.dat” file in this folder. After doing this, try to launch the game and see if the issue is resolved now. The game developer has also pushed a new update to fix this error, but in case it doesn’t work for you, you can do it manually by following the above step.

Other solutions that you can try if the above one doesn’t work for you:

Solution 1: Check the system requirements

The first step that you need to do is match the specifications of your system with the game’s requirements. If both of these don’t match, then you may need to upgrade your system in order to make the game work properly.
Solution 2. Verify the game files.

Head over to “Steam.” Go to your “Library” and select the “Trombone Champ” game. Then, click on “Properties,” go over to “Local Files,” and hit the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” button. This should check if the game files are corrupted or if there’s any other problem that happened during the installation.

Solution 3: Re-install the game

If any of the above solutions seem to be working for you, then you just need to reinstall the game to fix any glitches that might have happened during your previous installation.

That’s all, folks! We hope that we were able to help you solve the “black screen” error in the Trombone Champ game.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

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