Omega Strikers Tier List for best strikers

Omega Strikers is an exciting 3v3 knockout battle game where you have to fight your way to scoring a goal with the help of different characters.

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Because Omega Strikers is getting more and more popular, you’ll probably face tougher competition. It’s crucial to select the proper character for your game, as well as their skills and abilities, before engaging in combat. 
The game presently features 11 unique characters, making it difficult to choose the correct one. To assist you in assessing the characters worth choosing and the ones you should probably avoid, we’ve created a tier list, which we’re sure you’ll want to check out!
The Omega Strikers Tier List for the Best Strikers


  1. Juliette: This is one of the powerful and charming characters in the game that you’ll get to use in the beginning itself.
  2. Kai: Kai can shoot the ball effortlessly and fast to the other end of the field, which is a highly useful skill. He can also be used as a goalie.
  3. Era: Era is a dangerous attacker. Hence, her ability to slow down enemies can prove useful to you on the battlefield, and hence, we recommend that you take her.
  4. Asher: Asher is much more of an offensive character, but his aggression will really help you dominate the match.


  1. Drek’Ar-He is an offensive player and has the ability to bounce players off the battlefield. Sounds exciting, right? You need to take this one into a match.
  2. Luna: She can be used both as an attacker and a goalkeeper, and she features an amazing dash that will make you fall in love with her.
  3. Atlas: This character can literally resurrect himself. We’d really recommend you take this one as a goalkeeper.


Dubu: There aren’t many good choices for this tier, but if you really do have to use one, then go with Dubu, owing to his good goalkeeping skills.


Juno: Avoiding the characters in this tier should be your first priority, but if you still have to use one, then we’d recommend Juno, who is a simple but experienced knockout player.

That’s all, folks! All the characters are posted above according to their potential excellence. We’ll be sure to update the list as new characters are continuously added.
Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

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