Steam Deck 2 Release Date: When it will be available?

Valve has recently announced that Steam Deck will be a “multi-generational” product line and that they will keep releasing the Steam Decks with various hardware and software improvements in the future.

Steam Deck 2

Before coming to the Steam Deck 2, let’s talk about the one that has been recently made public-the Steam Deck. This small-yet-powerful package contains an AMD APU Zen 2 processor, 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM, AMD 8 RDNA 2CU Graphics memory, and super fast SSD storage options. What could be better than having to play almost all the games in your Steam library on this “PSP-like” thing anytime, anywhere? The one and only weak spot that really bothered us was the battery. If you’re playing a game at 60 FPS, keeping the brightness at less than or equal to 70%, the Steam Deck might just last 2 hours or slightly more. When we talk about the Steam Deck 2, we already know that Valve has been planning it since the announcement of the first one. The Steam Deck 2 is expected to even have support for VR (Virtual Reality). It will be more innovative and more powerful than the earlier one, obviously. We can hope that we get to see a second device with a better battery life and improved specifications. Also, Valve’s recent statement on further steam decks clearly indicates that there’s going to be a huge increment in the Steam Deck 2. We obviously can’t wait for the Steam Deck 2 to be finally teased, but for now, let’s get to when we can expect the Steam Deck 2 to make its way onto the market.

Steam Deck 2 Release Date: When will it be available?

As we know, Valve just released the first version of the Steam Deck, so we shouldn’t anticipate the release of the second version any time soon. If the Steam Deck 1 doesn’t fail to impress the audience, then we might even get to see the Steam Deck 2 by late 2023.

However it may be, we’ll be sure to keep you posted with updates regarding the release of the new Steam Deck 2.

Till then, thanks for reading. Stay tuned

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