Rust Blueprint Wipe Schedule for January 2023

Rust is a multiplayer survival video game created by Facepunch Studios that is currently playable on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and MacOS platforms.

Rust cover

Forced server wipes are a very standard gameplay concept in Rust, but if you’re not familiar with the game or even the survival game genre, it might be novel to you. To keep players on an even keel, the developers will entirely erase servers once a month. All of a player’s creations for that month, including their buildings, weapons, and loot, will be erased during the wipe. The goal is to give new players a chance, which would be nearly impossible without wipes because some individuals or groups would grow to be dreadfully powerful. Because of this, players may occasionally ask when the next “BP” wipe occurs. Players are typically informed only a few days in advance, usually through the game’s social media channels. You must be wondering when the next Rust Wipe will be held in light of this. We’re going to inform you of the Rust game’s server wipe schedule today. Therefore, keep reading!

The Rust Blueprint Wipe Schedule for January 2023 is here!

The servers will wipe every first Thursday of the month if you play Rust on a PC. The following five months’ worth of rust PC wipe dates are listed:
November 3rd, 2022
December 1st, 2022
January 5th, 2023
February 2nd, 2023
March 2nd, 2023

If you play on a console, you have a slightly different rust wipe schedule. Rust Console Edition server wipes are confirmed to take place on the last Thursday of each month by the developers. The following five server wipes for Rust Console Edition are listed below:
October 27th, 2022
November 24th, 2022
December 29th, 2022
January 26th, 2023
February 23rd, 2023

That’s all, folks! The entire wipe schedule for the Rust game was shown above.

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