How old is Sojourn in Overwatch 2?

The addition of new heroes is among the most anticipated content for Overwatch gamers, as their special weapons and abilities frequently spice up the game’s gameplay and provide players with new alternatives to take into account when assembling teams. With a new 5v5 structure and considerable changes to several of the existing Overwatch heroes, Overwatch 2, the recently released successor to the original game, debuted with a number of new heroes. Sojourn, a damage hero who excels on the battlefield due to her high mobility and powerful Railgun, is one of them. Sojourn’s dual-fire Railgun is the focal point of her arsenal. Sojourn is able to launch rapid-fire bullets that charge the railgun’s primary fire. Sojourn can then release the weapon’s charge with the help of its secondary firing, allowing her to precisely attack targets with an energy beam that can inflict up to 130 damage (260 on a headshot, instantly killing many heroes). The Railgun’s charge determines how much damage is delivered by the energy beam; the higher the charge, the more powerful the energy beam assault. Sojourn can confront opponents by using her Disruptor Shot power. Sojourn can use this power to summon a tiny area-of-effect (AoE) energy field that slows and does damage to any opponents caught within its range. Disruptor Shot’s slowing effect is particularly helpful for a multitude of reasons, and it may cause just under 200 damage if foes are stuck within it from the moment it is placed until it fades. Sojourn’s final skill is her ultimate, Overclock. When Overclock is activated, Sojourn’s Railgun begins charging immediately, allowing Sojourn to fire a series of fully charged energy beams in rapid succession.

How old is Sojourn in Overwatch 2?

Sojourn is most likely in her 40s or 50s, with the late 30s being the earliest age at which she could be. In the near future, Blizzard should offer a more definitive figure.

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