Pokemon Unite Rayquaza Release Date: When is it coming out?

Pokemon Unite – Developed by the TiMi Studio Group, A free-to-play multiplayer battle arena game released initially on 21st July, 2021 has now revealed the next new map featuring Rayquaza as the final mission. The game is available for Android, iOS as well as the Nintendo switch.

First let’s discuss what is so different about this Pokemon game – In Pokemon Unite, you are the trainer who is in charge of getting the Pokemon by levelling up or by purchasing the Pokemon creatures that you desire through the help of aeos coins which can be collected by winning the matches or through the gems which you can buy in exchange for real money. After you have your pokemon, you can make yourself ready for a battle and then command your creatures to an epic fight. You can choose from the attacks available to you and you can make your pokemon execute them to gain advantage over enemy. The final objective is to score more goals on the opponent’s side. Last but not the least, The game also introduces some fresh features like lane fights, 5v5 which makes it an interesting play.

Now, coming to the new update, Pokemon Unite has recently revealed a trailer for their new iconic map i.e The Theia Sky Ruins map which features the Legendary dragon Rayquaza. The new map comprises of an aesthetic change of scenery as well as addition of a few other creatures. Rayquaza, the Gen 3 flying dragon, will wait in the center as the final boss to compete with.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Rayquaza sitting in middle

Also, it can be noticed that the new Theia Sky Ruins map has some similarities to Remoat Stadium in terms of layout.  We are still expecting from the TiMi Studio to let out some more details on the new updates to this map but we can see that the players already can’t wait to witness this new map and Rayquaza. However, an exact date for the release of this map has not been revealed by Pokemon Unite yet but some of our sources claim that the map can be out somewhere in beginning of September 2022.

That being said, we will be keeping you up to date with all the news and information regarding Pokemon Unite Rayquaza. Till then, thanks for reading and Stay Tuned!

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