Overwatch 2: How to link & merge accounts for cross-play progression?

Cross progression is a feature that allows you to transact between different gaming platforms without losing any progress. In this article, we’ll explain how to set it up for Overwatch 2.

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As a free-to-play game, Overwatch 2 is technically available for download on as many platforms as you like. However, those who attempt to do so quickly learn that the game’s cross-progression system isn’t quite as straightforward as you’d want it to be. The cross-progression feature in Overwatch 2 enables users to sign in on a console platform (like PS or Xbox) and then play the game on a laptop or desktop (or vice versa) while maintaining all of their skins, emotes, ranks, and friend list data. However, that progress is connected to your primary account, as is common with most games today. As such, the only way to ensure all your Overwatch 2 platforms share the progress you make is to bind each copy to that account. And today, we’re going to tell you exactly how to link and merge your battle.net account so that you can enable cross-play progression for Overwatch 2. Continue reading!

Overwatch 2: How to link & merge accounts for cross-play progression?

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to do that:

Step 1: Open a web browser on your PC (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), type in the URL bar “Battle.net” and hit “Enter“.

Step 2: Click on the “Login” option on the top right corner of your screen and enter your account credentials to login to your account. After logging in, click on your profile name and then click on “Account Settings” to head over to your account page.

Step 3: Under the “Connections” heading, select the account type (Xbox Live, Playstation, etc.) that you want to link with the Battle.net associated games like Overwatch 2. Click on “Connect” on the next screen to complete the required steps.

Make sure that you connect the account to all the platforms that you want to play the game on. Then, you can be sure of the fact that cross-platform progression will be enabled on those particular platforms.

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