How to stream Xbox Series X/S to PC (with no lag) & play games?

Developed by Microsoft, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are the new generation of video gaming consoles launched collectively in November 2020. Both the consoles are successors to the Xbox One, released back in 2013.

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The Xbox One used to provide an impeccable gaming experience, but with the release of Xbox Series X/S, things just got way better! You can now feel faster load times, powerful performance, and less noise. Both the new consoles even support backwards compatibility so that you can play the old classic games along with the new exclusive ones. The Xbox One is an incredible, feature-packed package, and today we’ll tell you about one such feature from Microsoft that allows you to stream your Xbox Series S/X or even Xbox One to a PC so that you can enjoy your games on a secondary platform as well. So, let’s dive in and see how you can do this.
How do I stream Xbox Series X/S games to my PC (without lag)?
Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to be able to stream your Xbox to a PC easily:
Step 1: First, you need to connect your Xbox Controller or Xbox console to your Windows PC and open the “Xbox” app on it.
Step 2: Once the app is open, click on the “Consoles” icon in the upper-left column of your screen. Now turn on your console and see if it appears on the “consoles” list. Make sure that your console is connected to the internet via a 5Ghz connection or an Ethernet cable (recommended).

Step 3: Now, click on “Xbox One” or “Xbox Series X/S” in the “Consoles” section to start streaming. Also, to confirm that it is you who is trying to start the remote play, you may have to press “X” on your screen.
That’s it! You will now be able to see your Xbox home screen on your PC, and you can go over and play any game you want. You’ll also have the options to disconnect, adjust resolution, and provide feedback in the “Settings” menu in your upper-left column.
We hope that we were able to help you stream your Xbox One/Series X/Series S to your PC and play games without any lag.
Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

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