How old is Junker Queen in Overwatch 2?

The ruler of semi-lawless Junkertown, which once housed both Junkrat and Roadhog, is known as the Junker Queen. However, after the two heroes found some “treasure” in the remote ruins, the Junker Queen made every effort to keep them out. As the uncontested champion of the scrapyard within Junkertown, she’s got the combat prowess to back up her bold talk. From her fatal Carnage skills to a nifty Adrenaline Rush passive that allows for healing over time, there’s considerably more depth to Junker Queen than first meets the eye. The adrenaline rush is the character’s most intriguing power. She possesses the ability passively. She can use this to gradually recover from all the harm that her wounds have caused her. Her abilities primarily deal health wounds to enemies. Although she can recover herself from injuries, her talent is unquestionably a tremendous help when playing aggressively. One of the game’s most lethal weapons is “Carnage.” Players can hurt enemies in front of them by swinging this in the direction of their rivals. The wound effect and adrenaline rush can both be felt simultaneously because it resembles a slash more than anything else. Rampage, the ultimate skill in Overwatch 2, is one of the most terrifying ones. This will allow the Junker Queen to charge forward and deal massive damage to opponents. However, when her ultimate deals damage, opponents won’t be able to heal.
How old is Junker Queen in Overwatch 2?

Junker Queen is expected to be around 35–40 years old, although her exact age is yet to be disclosed by the developers.

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