Way of the Hunter FOV Slider, Ultrawide support, Keybindings update release confirmed by devs in upcoming patches!

Way of the Hunter is a new multiplayer hunting simulation game that features cutting-edge graphics and action-packed gameplay. The game is currently available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X platforms.

way of the hunter graphics

Because it is a hunting simulator, this game requires patience and general hunting knowledge. You need to have a strong strategy as well as a taste for the best guns and gear. The game offers you a variety of licenced weapons, like all-around rifles and shotguns. It also adapts to your playing style and develops a certain ecosystem around you, which makes this game one of the best hunting simulators. Even after having a lot of features, the game is just released and developers are monitoring it continuously for missing features and bugs. The FOV Slider, Ultra-wide Support, and Keybindings are among the missing features. Today, we’re going to tell you the significance of these features and when they will finally make their way into the game. 

What are the FOV Slider, Ultra-wide Support, and Keybindings? 

The FOV (or “Field of View”) slider is a tool that allows you to modify your FOV. The higher the FOV, the more you will be able to see what’s happening around you on the screen and vice-versa. 

Ultra-wide support allows the game to increase its resolution and adapt to a wider screen. This is a much needed feature, especially for open world games, as it helps them provide the player with a more immersive experience and also increases awareness. 

Keybinding is also known as controller mapping or controller setup. It’s a procedure that helps you customise the controls of a particular game according to your own needs. Some players get used to the preset controls, while others need to set a specific keybind. 

When are these features coming to Way of The Hunter? 

The developer, Nine Rock Games, has recently confirmed that FOV Slider, Ultrawide support, and keybindings will be soon coming to the game. According to the developers, these features will be coming in two patches in the very near future. We don’t have an exact date for the release of these features yet, but we’ll surely keep you posted. 

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