Way of the Hunter First & Second DLCs Release Dates: When are they coming out?

Way of the hunter is an immersive hunting simulator game released on August 16, 2022 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms. This new open-world game is set in the rich hunting environments of USA and Europe and provides a realistic hunting experience. The game supports a compelling story mode as well as online co-op multiplayer which makes it a truly thrilling simulator. Watch the trailer below if you already haven’t!


Way of the Hunter DLC content: What do we know so far?

DLC, or downloadable content, is the extra content that the game developers provide in addition to the main storyline or plot of the game. These DLCs are, however, of two types: free and paid. Free DLC can be directly downloaded and installed into the game from the developer or game provider’s website. But to gain access to the Paid DLC in-game, you must pay an additional fee to the developers. 
Because Way of the Hunter is an open world game, there is a lot of room for future DLC releases. Currently, the game has 2 DLC packs available for purchase, namely: Way of The Hunter Season Pass and Way of The Hunter: Hunter’s Pack. These DLCs will give you access to new regions, animals, weapons, and weapon skins, as well as enhance your overall hunting experience. There is also a Way of The Hunter: Elite Edition which gets you the opportunity to get access to two upcoming DLC locations as soon as they are released.

Way of the hunter: Elite Edition

The developer Nine Rock Games has also confirmed that the first and second DLC’s will be available to the players supposedly after 12 months of game release although no exact date for the release of new DLC’s has been confirmed yet. Till then, you can purchase the game along with the DLC’s on Steam and Epic Games Store and enjoy.

We will update you more info on the DLC’s as soon as we have it. Thanks for reading, Stay Tuned!

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