Is there a Scorn release date for the PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch?

Scorn is an upcoming horror survival game developed by Ebb Software and published by Kepler Interactive. The game is set to release on October 21, 2022, for PC and Xbox One X/S. Watch the trailer below if you already haven’t!

Scorn, a video game created by Serbian developer Ebb Software and inspired by the artwork of visual artists Zdzisaw Beksiski and H. R. Giger, was officially announced as a Kickstarter project in 2014. Scorn was created with the idea of “being flung into the world,” and is set in a nightmare landscape of bizarre forms and dreary tapestry. The creator claims that gamers won’t be controlling a fully developed main character with a predetermined personality and backstory. Instead, through exploration and interaction with the game environment, the player will be responsible for providing their own interpretation of the events, themes, and their place in the cosmos. Scorn takes place in a unified, open-ended universe with numerous interconnected zones that you can travel to non-linearly. Every zone is a confusing maze with a variety of chambers and routes to explore. The surroundings themselves are characters. Each setting has a unique theme (story), riddles, and people that are essential to the overall setting. By gaining various skill sets and goods, players will gradually unlock new game sections. Discovering such an amazing game, you must be wondering whether this game will ever be available to play on the Playstation and Nintendo Switch platforms, and today, we’re going to clear up this question and everything related to it. So, keep reading.

Is there a Scorn release date for the PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch?
We feel really sorry to inform you that this game won’t ever be making its way to PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch platforms as it has been made exclusive to Microsoft’s Windows OS and Xbox Series X/S. That being said, if anything changes, we’ll make sure to inform you as soon as more details are out.

Till then, thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

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