How old is Kiriko in Overwatch 2?

Kiriko Kamori, also known as Kiriko, is a character in the Blizzard Entertainment video game Overwatch 2. She was formally unveiled on September 15 at the 2022 Tokyo Game Show. Kiriko, a support character in the game, is a ninja healer who is assisted by her kitsune spirit. Despite how frightening they may be, she is believed to have a mischievous disposition and is not afraid to tease anyone, especially her enemies. Despite this, she is referred to as the Protector of Kanezaka because the Yamagami family also performed this, albeit in a more conventional manner. Kiriko, however, made the decision to combine the past and the present, as evidenced by the fact that she is both a healer and a fighter. Both Kiriko’s mother and her grandmother reared her. Her family has long resided in Kanezaka and kept watch over her. They also own Yamagami Blades, a store in the city that was regarded as the best place in the area to purchase swords, blades, and other weapons. Her mother, Asa Yamagami, is a master swordswoman who was enlisted by the Shimada clan to train the family’s future leaders. Her father was a skilled fighter and creator of weapons. Kiriko is a young woman; however, the trailer gives the impression that her natural hair colour is black rather than the green that it is in the game. Her attire is modelled after that of a Shinto shrine maiden, who wore a red hakama, a white kosode, and a rope-like belt on her waist. She additionally has red half-gloves on both hands, red thigh-high leggings, ankle-length sneakers, and a belt for her kunai on her thigh. Kiriko, who was only 7 years old, witnessed the assassination of Sojiro Shimada, the father of Genji and Hanzo, as well as the dissolution of the Shimada clan.

How old is Kiriko in Overwatch 2?

Although her precise age is uncertain, Kiriko Kamori from Overwatch 2 is reported to be in her early 20s.

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