Dakar Desert Rally VR Mode Release Date: Is it coming?

Dakar Desert Rally is an off-road adventure game developed by Bigmoon Entertainment for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

Dakar Desert Rally gameplay

There is no denying that Dakar Desert Rally is an enormously ambitious—and ambitiously massive—off-roader, and there are undoubtedly hints of the zeal with which the game’s creator, Saber Porto, approached turning this arduous event into a digestible and, in many ways, original racing game. The environment itself is the most impressive. The vast expanses of open desert are a particular highlight. Despite their appearance as being arid and uninteresting, the racer gains a rare sense of scale as they emerge from winding valleys or clusters of palm trees into these undulating oceans of sand. The Dakar Desert Rally will make you feel small as you climb its mountainous dunes, even in its heaviest racing trucks. This is especially true when you have access to the game’s cool helicopter camera. The time of day effects are excellent, and the stunning wild weather effects are also impressive; they don’t really appear to add an overt element of risk to the racing aside from a tiny reduction in visibility, but they are delightfully dramatic. After reading such a fantastic description of the game, are you feeling excited? The gaming community is likewise impressed with this game and is eagerly anticipating a “VR version.” In this article, we’ll explain what the developers have to say about VR support in the Dakar Desert Rally.
Dakar Desert Rally VR Mode Release Date: Is it coming?

Unfortunately, the game does not currently support virtual reality, and the developers have not given us any assurances about whether or not the game will support VR in the future. But given that the game was just released, it would be best if we waited to see how the market for it performs. We might see a VR version of the Dakar Rally if the game proves successful over time.

That’s all, folks! The information provided above is all that is currently known about VR support for the Dakar Desert Rally. As soon as there are any updates on this specific subject, we’ll let you know.

Until then, thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

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