Construction Simulator mod support: Is it available?

Developer Waltenbauer’s Construction Simulator is back and better than ever! The popular multiplayer construction simulation game will be released once more on September 20, 2022, after nearly seven years.
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It’s time for the new Construction Simulator to return for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A co-op multiplayer option, an unheard-of selection of thrilling construction equipment, as well as a host of new and much enlarged features, will all be included in the game. In the brand-new construction simulator, you may control more than 70 officially licenced vehicles, including DAF and Doosan. Two stunning maps—one titled “Sunny Haven” after the United States and the other, “Friedenberg,” after Germany—will be featured in the game. Additionally, the new Construction Simulator allows you to participate in campaigns that are specific to each environment and include distinct obstacles that you must conquer with your expanding construction business in order to create various projects. The new Construction Simulator also enables you to participate in campaigns specific to various locations, where you must face unique obstacles with your developing construction business and construct various projects from scratch alongside your mentor Hape and increase your fleet to accept more difficult tasks. You may expand your own construction business, but you can also ask your friends to join you so you can work together to coordinate projects and complete them even more quickly! What else? You can stay addicted to this game because of the dynamic weather cycle, cross-gen support, 90+ unique contracts, and upgraded multiplayer for up to 4 people! Even with all of these improvements, one question still plagues our gaming community: “Does the new Construction Simulator game have support for mods?” Read on if you’re wondering the same thing!

Construction Simulator mod support: Is it available?

As of now, the game does not support mods. Initially, there will be no mod support for the community to add other exciting features. But, the developers have also revealed that they are considering this as an option for the future. So don’t lose hope, because just in a bit of time, you might get to see mod support for Construction Simulator 2022!

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