Can you play games on Steam Deck offline?

The Steam Deck will be a “multi-generational” product line, according to a recent announcement from Valve, and it will continue to be updated with new hardware and software in the future.

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What could be better than having access to practically all of your Steam library’s games on a portable device whenever and wherever you want? There are now three different versions of the Steam Deck available, each with a different amount and kind of internal storage, and you can only buy them through Steam itself. Pricing ranges from $399 for the model with 64GB of eMMC storage to $520 for the model with a 256GB NVMe SSD and $649 for the top-of-the-line model with a 512GB NVMe SSD and anti-glare etched glass. More than anything else, the Steam Deck serves as a Nintendo Switch substitute, only larger, more powerful, and devoid of a dock. Although the Steam Deck is Linux-based, the SteamOS front interface is highly user-friendly and enables quick installation and playback of many Windows games using Proton. Additionally, the Steam Deck’s ergonomic design makes it exceptionally comfortable to hold, especially during lengthy gaming sessions, despite its evident bulk. Sounds like a necessary gadget, no? However, one thing that gamers are particularly interested in learning is whether or not the Steam Deck supports playing offline games. We’ll talk about the same in this article. So, keep reading!

Can you play games on Steam Deck offline?

Good news, gamers! Similar to a PC, Steam has made it obvious that you simply need an internet connection to download games or play multiplayer games. You can play games on Steam without needing to connect to the internet, unless the games demand an internet connection. You may simply go to the settings page, select Internet, and set the Steam Deck to “Offline mode” to achieve this.

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