Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare 2 Stuck at Mobile number Required: How to fix it?

While many Call of Duty players, both new and old, have found the introduction of the Modern Warfare 2 beta to be exhilarating, the experience is being ruined for many by a myriad of glitches and errors.

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For Modern Warfare 2, developers have added a compulsory feature that requires each player to confirm their identity by attaching their phone number before they can play as an additional measure of protection against cheats. Most players shouldn’t have too much trouble with this, but a small number of Steam users seem to be experiencing the same problem where they are prompted to verify their phone number even though they have already done so. Here’s how to fix it if you’re one of the numerous Steam users who launch Modern Warfare 2 only to get stuck on the “Mobile Phone Number Required” prompt.
Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare 2 Stuck at Mobile number Required: How to fix it?

Below are the fixes that you need to try out in order to fix the mobile number verification issue:

Recommended fix: Developers have finally recognised this problem and provided a simple fix from their end. First, you need to close the game completely. Head over to “Steam” and then click on “Settings.” Scroll on down to “Web browser” and under this section, click on “Delete Web Browser Data.”
Now when you start the game again, you should not face this issue.

If the above solution doesn’t seem to be working out for you, we have yet another solution that can also prove to be of help. Try this out:

Re-link your number: To do this, simply head over to “Steam” and click on “Settings.” Under the “Account” section, click on “View Account Details.” Go to “Contact Info” and then click on “Manage Your Phone Number.” Finally, click on “Remove Number” and then try to link your number again by starting COD MW 2.

That’s all, folks! We hope that we were able to help you fix the mobile number verification issue in COD: MW2.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

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